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Live life baby, live it on the Web







Want the latest news? Get them on the net. Gossip or real news, it’s all there.

Fancy a new bathroom, a new kitchen? Stuck for a recipe?

Perhaps you’re stuck yourself. Want a change of career?

Chances are, the answer is waiting for you on your screen.


Download your favourite book, look for a new read, a new song, or a film. It’s all up for grabs, just click the mouse and it’s yours.

Perhaps you have a problem concerning your children. Are they too bright, not bright enough, too unruly, rude?

Or are they ill? How do you tell? Should you be worried, you ask on a forum?

Perhaps, it’s your relationship that sucks. Husband not doing his part, not doing the dishes, not listening, pestering you for sex, not understanding your woes…

Ah you haven’t found love yet? Or you’re looking for a new one? a better one preferably.

It’s on line, love. Log on, the love of your life is waiting for you to connect. What are you waiting for?

Love at any age on Love.com

You see, you need never go out again. Fresh air is overrated. Live your life on the web.

Have I solved all your problems for now? 

Come back soon, I never sleep. I’m your friend, ready and waiting. Just start typing and I’ll even guess what you want. And if you’re on Facebook I will make suggestions for you. I know you better than anyone.

A little humour to start the day, inspired by an article I read, the booming trend of finding love on the Internet. Everyone’s at it, apparently. The over-50’s are gaining ground and even celebrities now take to the web to find love.

Even your favourite cause is on the web, come on, join in!


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Gaming vs Novels

Charlie Higson recently asked in the Guardian:

Will computer games kill off the novel?

Will computer games kill off the novel?

Of course it won’t. Hardly the same thing and why should it?

There will always be something new, a new craze. It doesn’t mean it has to kill anything.

The way we read might evolve but most people will always want to hear a good story, goes back to the early ages of life on earth. Remember the caves…

As an author I keep an eye on Kindles and ebooks in general. I’m published traditionally but my books are to be made available as ebooks too so yes I’m interested, curious too.

As a mother I have managed so far to keep a balance right when it comes to games and computers, I hope it lasts. My children read and were read to from the start, yes, right from when they were born. Both are bookworms and can’t get enough. We buy books but also visit the library every week, otherwise we couldn’t keep up.

They also like to play games.

A question of balance, as in everything in life.