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Tweeting drama

Hope you’re all well. I’ve been away a lot recently and writing. A new novel is in the works as is an anthology of short stories. But look here, it’s my collection of poems, all contemporary. Happy reading!


Tweeting drama

A little bird appears, so innocent, so tempting.

Why not give it a go?

Something new


1,2,3. It’s that easy

Now what?

The little bird suggests


Soon following new people

Some interesting, others not so

Stalk away, everybody’s at it.




Rumours and lies

Rumours people start

Lies follow

Never knowing who they hurt

Never knowing what they’re saying

Today, it’s him

Tomorrow, it will be you

Sometimes, we laugh

Sometimes, we cry

It’s all part of the act, you tell me

Then rage, when it gets too close

They want to get so close, too close

They go on, not  knowing the truth

The truth is ours, our reality.

Forever may not be long enough

“Forever is the most dizzying word in the English language. The idea of staying in one place forever was like standing at the border of a foreign country, peering over the fence and trying to imagine what life might be like on the other side, and life on the other side was frankly unimaginable.”

Emily St John Mandel ( Last night in Montreal)

Any art can change the world

Any art can change the world, by changing consciousness

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Read poet, publisher and owner of the renowned City Lights interview :

http://ow.ly/39LuZ ( The sixties blog)

Aside from being one of the most famous living poets in the United
States, Lawrence Ferlinghetti is an erudite publisher, a recognized
painter, and lately, he’s a little ticked off at the world. Who can
blame him? Fifty years ago he wrote: “I am waiting/ for the American
Eagle/ to really spread its wings/ and straighten up and fly right.”
Decades later he’s still waiting; it seems no one has heeded his
calls for change. With a massive ecological disaster, two costly
wars, and an economic depression, he might rightly say I told you so.
But who would listen? Poetry hardly draws the audiences that it once
did, much less the national poetry tours that Ferlinghetti speaks of.