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Fifty shades of abuse?




I heard today a UK charity called for people to hand over their copies of Fifty Shades of Grey so they can be burnt in a huge bonfire.


While I don’t like the idea of burning books or any forms of extremism and intolerance (remember the Nazis?)


"North Hampton is a Domestic violence fre...

“North Hampton is a Domestic violence free-zone” (Massachussetts) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


, I can see their point. I like to listen to both sides. That said, I’m really uncomfortable with the idea. Burning books, burning flags? No. What will this achieve?




One can only hope this is done to shock in hope of garnering publicity for the charity and highlight what victims of domestic violence go through. I can also understand this charity’s frustration as authorities cut down on the services they provide for these victims. Not so long ago some of these women were told by their local authorities to go and sleep in the Occupy movement tents because of a lack of hostels.


Really? What a ridiculous suggestion!




When I was asked, as an author, for my views on the Fifty Shades phenomenon, I declined to comment, pointing out I hadn’t read them. No problem, they said, we’ll send you a copy right away. Ah thanks, not my type of book was my reply.


I have toyed with the idea of reading them since everywhere you look, someone is talking about it. Comments, reviews, articles in newspapers, you can’t escape the wildfire.


The more I read, the less I was inclined to read these books, even though I enjoy reading different genres and have at times been nicely surprised. It’s just not for me and that’s fine.




The fantasy of the young virgin being taken in charge by a millionaire is nothing new, but I baulk at the idea of reading a novel where someone enjoys inflicting pain. Oh, but he has a tormented past. Hmm, so what? Many more have had a difficult start in life, no reason to turn on others, on the contrary. There is a time when people have to grow up and make their own choices.


While victims can find solace and healing with others, this sounds a bit extreme. Most of the healing has to start from within. Imagine if all of us who had a difficult childhood did this? In reality, you can’t just change people, not unless they want to.


Some will say this is a novel, no harm done. Perhaps, but will it do anything to help change attitudes about rape and violence?


Each to their own, but let’s not forget the vulnerable, the victims. While everybody are making jokes, they’re still suffering.



It’s so vain, it’s so lame

A hoax, or a car crash story
Is this for real? It could almost have been funny. Indeed I first thought like many I’m sure it was a joke, an April Fool. Only the date was wrong. So, I thought, it could still be a hoax.
Well, it seems the Samantha Brick story boomed world wide. A woman being ridiculed and served as lamb, human sacrifice fro the masses. If only it had been a joke with a ha ha, wasn’t that funny? But no, it goes on. First I felt sorry for her, but low and behold within hours there was another story. Did I still feel sorry for her? I’m bemused, stop this massacre. Has the Mail got no pride at all? No sense of what is going on? Or is it a hoax? Or just plain trash?

Just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the link from one of Britain’s much acclaimed and prestigious newspapers (hope you got the sarcastic bit)


Either it’s a very sad story of a woman with a deep problem or it’s a hoax. Thing is she apparently is an award winning journalist and nobody had heard from her before? Hmm, strange, is it not?

Either way it’s causing quite a stir, I bet the Daily Mail is grinning all the way.

The Dear One made a comment. “Perhaps she’s been living in France for too long and suffers from the well-known French arrogance.”

There’s being confident and there’s Samantha Brick. I’m astonished at the storm this article has created. She’s vilified and called ugly. Does it matter whether she’s beautiful or not?

I’m not going to join the bash whether it’s a true story or a hoax. People love to hate it seems, I don’t. If the story is true, I’d say shame on the Daily Mail for exploiting a woman who clearly has problems.

Yes, sadly women can be bitchy. I can’t believe I used that word, hate it. They can be jealous for all sorts of reasons. Fortunately there are aslo beautiful women, the ones with inner beauty, and these are the women I want to be associated with.

P.S. Thanks to the Daily Mail people now have a strange idea of what French men are like, referring to the pictures of her husband posing with a gun.

Is any of this Samantha Brick story true? I don’t know, but it’s all trash anyway.

Right, got better things to do now, cheerio.

Originally posted on Women on the Verge.

Woman and writer on the Verge

I’m a woman on the verge

Women on the Verge is a wonderful community of women, not afraid to speak their minds, coming from all walks of life and spread over the world. All wonderful women with stories to tell, experiences to share and most of all very supportive of each other.

It is an honour to be part of this wonderful community. I’d never joined one before but I’m glad I was introduced to WOTV. Wish I had more time to chat to all of them and in particular  Ana, it’s been a funny year, so much happening !I created my first post on their site, never realising how much I’d love it and how liberating it would be.

I’ve always found writing a good way to exorcise pain. As a novelist I write fiction, although there’s a little piece in me in everything I write and I don’t mean the blood, sweat and tears…Writing blogs posts on WOTV prompted me to start my own blog. Sharing experiences and pain lightened my soul and it’s amazing the response you get when you opened to people.

I’ve often been in tears because of it. Even if you only help one person by writing about abuse, heartache, grief… it’s a blessing. We all have a voice and experiences to share, it’s a powerful and amazing way to help each others.Long live women on the verge!
So go have a look :


This is a repost as Elle is not well. Thank you for all the good wishes.
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