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An erotic novel? Moi?


The hazards of the writer’s life.

You write a story and then something unexpected happens.

Waking up one morning, I noticed my husband was laughing his head off. I was getting quite concerned.

Would he recover? The joke was on me of course as he showed me the source of his hilarity.

Occupy Me, a short story I wrote, or is it?

Turns out someone else had published an erotic novella, with the same title.

You’ve got to be kidding? Can’t make these things up.

A message pops up, from my publisher. Bless them, they do try hard and they did have a bit of a struggle with Amazon.

Anyway, they didn’t realise…


Of course I asked them to change the title. It is now called Occupy Me, a French Affair. 

Nothing to do with the erotic novella.

The jokes abounded. Friends and readers know I write under two pen names and in different genres. Well, not that genre yet.

You never know. Never say never…


Check it out:

The arrest of a French politician in New York brings back unwanted memories as a French woman recalls her ordeals. After a brief holiday back in France, she gets caught in the upheaval in America and witnesses her boyfriend being pepper sprayed at a peaceful demonstration.

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Does size matter?

Julian Barnes won this year’s Booker prize with a book that was just 150 pages long.

What should we call it?” asked  in the Guardian.

Ah, here we go the heated debate of the novel vs novella. Don’t forget word count! I see so many writers focus on this and broadcasting their word count to the world. Nothing wrong with that but I fear some are somewhat distracted by some elusive goal they try  to achieve. Many times I’m asked how much is enough. Well, that rather depends.

Does size really matter? A great book doesn’t cease to be a great book because of its size. It may even make it better.
As an author I don’t pay too much attention to my wordcount. When the story is finished, it ends, full stop.
As a reader I’d much prefer read a short novel rather than one than goes on and on for the sake of it.

To quote Brett Easton Ellis talking about technology : “There are some tweets out there that say what needs to be said in about 140 characters, while certain writers who literally masturbate for 400 pages fail to say [it] as succinctly.”
In France they don’t make such distinction, a novel is a “roman” whatever its size and I think it’s a much better way to look at it.