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A fan, not me!

A fan, not me!

It’s always been about the music for me, not all the artifices that go with it.Sure, sometimes, the whole package works really well but the music is what matters to me.I was never a fanclub member, I never wrote to a singer when a teenager and I never tried to follow anyone after a concert.
So, I’m probably not your ideal fan, I will not buy all the remixes, magazines…I can’t just focus on one band like some people do.I have very eclectic tastes.Sometimes, you might even like the music but not necessarily everything that goes with it.
Music has always been  a great comfort to me.I can relate whole episodes of my life to various songs and associate them to different moods or stages in my life.
Until recently, I’d have been hard pressed to name my favourite band or singer or song.Even, just choosing my favourite song from a particular band is difficult, there are so many!So, what changed?

A chance discovery that took me completely by surprise.
I’ll never forget that day, sat there, wrought with emotion.It was so unexpected, moved me like never before, such a revelation.Now, I’ve been music mad since I was 10 years old and I’ve gone through varied types of music so it takes a lot for me to be surprised and blown away like I was.
It was a revelation I had not expected, yet, it was the music I’d wanted to hear all my life without knowing it.
It pushed all my buttons, provoked me, stirred me, the whole package musically with  soft melodies, hard ones , fast ones, the words and the way they’re played with, the emotion that filters through, so intense, the way it transports me…

So, if I had to choose my “desert island disc”…

And you, are you a fan?
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So what’s happening in France?

The question everybody has been asking me.


Weeks of strikes, protests and demonstrations have brought much of France to a standstill as workers, students and others voice their strong opposition to a government proposal to raise the age for a minimum pension from 60 to 62. A quarter of the nation’s gas stations were out of fuel, hundreds of flights were canceled, long lines formed at gas stations and train services in many regions were cut in half. Protesters blockaded Marseille‘s airport, Lady Gaga canceled concerts in Paris and rioting youths attacked police in Lyon. The unpopular bill is edging closer to becoming law as the French Senate is preparing to vote on it today. Collected here are recent images of the unrest around France. Update: Pension reform bill just now passed by French senate. (40 photos total)



Spectacular photos and the rest of the article: