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Coming from some place

  • Where  do you come from ?
  • Does it define you ?
  • What if you were born there by accident ?
  • What if you ‘d never actually lived there ?
  • What if that place has some hurtful connection ?

Why do people put so much importance on where you were born ?

Where do you come from? Oh, but where were you born ?

I was born in some place, it is not where I come from !

It does not define , should not define me !

I was only a baby who came into this world too early, by accident

This place, forever associated with me, because it appears on all my documents.

So don’t change your perception of me once you learn where I come from, because you’d be wrong and I’m so tired of having to justify myself, my roots or my nationality !

So think about it next time you harass some poor soul…but where do you come from…really …?

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