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Welcome to my private universe

How much do we need to see? How much do we need to know?

Awareness is good, but how much is too much information?

Graphic photos, every single detail of what happened in a murder case. I’m not wired to cope with this relentless flux of misery and horror, and who is?

Too much and I want to retreat in myself, close the door and become the hermit some people think I am.

Up until recently I wrote books and nobody knew who was hiding behind my pen name.

Now, I have a new pen name and I’m writing a different kind of books. I show my face and I am more outspoken.

Which way is best? I don’t know. I do stand by my choices though.

The social animal in me wants to interact and loves it. The hermit side needs her private universe to retire to when her empathy can’t cope.

A question of balance? Yes, still trying to find it.

Last night I couldn’t sleep after seeing disturbing pictures, I only saw them for a second or so, but still the damage was done.
This weekend I will be watching the X factor, not really my thing and I don’t really watch television anyway.

Find out why on Monday, have a good weekend!