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Author to author with Jeannie Walker








Today I’m delighted to introduce the lovely Jeannie Walker. I met her on Goodreads and she has an incredible tale to share with you.

Jeannie Walker is the author of “Fighting the Devil” – A True Story of Consuming Passion, Deadly Poison, and Murder


Jeannie Walker “I wrote Fighting the Devil to speak for my millionaire ex-husband, who no longer has a voice. He was murdered in an unthinkable and horrendous way. I am the mother of his only children. We are now Crime Victims in a Criminal Justice System that does not always work for the victims.


1.     How much does real life inspire or shape your writing?

Real life has always inspired me because truth is stranger than fiction.

2.     What is your biggest ambition?

Right now, it would be getting my book made into a movie.

3.     What would you like people to remember most about you?

That I have written something that helped them in some way.

4.     Marketing, a necessary evil?

Yes, marketing is a necessary evil. If we don’t market our own products – who will? And who knows it better than the author?

5.    Best piece of advice ever?

Read a lot of books. Reading helps writers become better at the trade.

6.    First person or third person?

I like writing in first person, but it is hard because that means I must bare my soul in order to be honest. 


Thanks Jeannie, so agree with you. Reading is essential. I do think as writers, we always bare our souls a little, or more.

























You can find out more about the author here:

My Website: http://jeanniewalkerbooks.com

My Blog: http://jeannie-walker.blogspot.com

Amazon Author Link: http://amzn.to/x4wWRX

Amazon “Fighting the Devil”: http://amzn.to/e4loGz

Amazon “The Rain Snake’: http://amzn.to/yJEZCR



Jeannie has also published a short story, “The rain snake.”
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Once a victim, always a victim?

My new novel follows a British student as she leaves her past behind her to go and study in California. Make no mistake, Natasha is a go-getter, a fighter, not a victim.

Abuse is ugly and all too often an assumption takes place, labels stick. Once a victim, always a victim? Abused children go on to replicate what was done to them?

I don’t think so. Yes, of course it does happen, but a difficult upbringing is never an excuse and many of us do go on to become loving parents. Perhaps it makes us better parents, I don’t know but for those who recover and break the cycle life becomes a constant search to better ourselves, a perpetual discovery and lightbulb moments.  For even after all these years you suddenly get a better understanding of past events and with life experience you might understand, not excuse, what pushed people to act the way they did but also to understand you were not the only one, that it didn’t happen because of something you did.

Whatever happens to us, we have a choice, we can turn our lives around instead of seeing ourselves as victims.

In Nowhere Left to Hide, Natasha has to fight her childhood ghosts. She’s had to run away many times, she knows what it is to live in fear and run away in the night.

When she’s offered the opportunity to study in Santa Barbara she does not hesitate despite being warned of the challenge ahead of her. She doesn’t even consider it a challenge, rather she sees her chance to be free and seizes it.

Being so far away from her tormentors and her fears she can finally be herself and shake off the labels. She makes friends and falls in love. The big question is: can she conquer her last fear?

Don’t get raped (via blue milk)

Brisbane CBD and the Story Bridge, Brisbane QLD.

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From Amelia Bentley’s article in the brisbane times (my use of bold in the excerpt below): A 17-year-old girl’s drunken night out at Brisbane club Friday’s led to her alleged violation and rape by two men, one of whom would later tell police he believed she had consented to sex because “she didn’t say no … she didn’t do anything”. And then… In the bedroom, the girl had consensual sex with a man and after he left the bedroom she saw three men … Read More

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