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Any art can change the world

Any art can change the world, by changing consciousness

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Read poet, publisher and owner of the renowned City Lights interview :

http://ow.ly/39LuZ ( The sixties blog)

Aside from being one of the most famous living poets in the United
States, Lawrence Ferlinghetti is an erudite publisher, a recognized
painter, and lately, he’s a little ticked off at the world. Who can
blame him? Fifty years ago he wrote: “I am waiting/ for the American
Eagle/ to really spread its wings/ and straighten up and fly right.”
Decades later he’s still waiting; it seems no one has heeded his
calls for change. With a massive ecological disaster, two costly
wars, and an economic depression, he might rightly say I told you so.
But who would listen? Poetry hardly draws the audiences that it once
did, much less the national poetry tours that Ferlinghetti speaks of.