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Suffer the little children

Suffer the little children

Dirty little men

They’re all the same

Looking for their next prey

A vulnerable child

One who won’t tell

No one to turn to

Oh, but the shame they feel

Remaining hidden

And so the story goes on

Little children suffer

In silence

Nobody knows

Or they don’t care

But the children

They don’t forget

The scars remain.

All up for grabs

Turn the music on

Shake your booty

Entertain the masses.

Make more money than you know what to do with

Buy whatever you want

It’s all up for grabs

Others don’t matter

Your comfort comes first.

Baby’s born

Give her a name to stand out

She’ll be proud

Blast, you were not inventive enough

Someone’s already using that name.

No matter, you’re rich.

Trademark it baby, you’ve got to have it.

Sell products with your baby’s name

Everyone will want them, you’re a star.

So what if someone had a company before you had a baby

The answer is no. Sometimes you lose

Star, or not

Welcome back to earth baby!

Happiness, more or less



What makes you happy?



  • A smile, a kind word, a hug, a lazy cuddle with my children in the morning when we don’t have to rush anywhere.


  • Writing makes me happy, all these characters bursting out and demanding to be written, and reading of course.


  • Music also makes me happy, a song can uplift your mood and transport you  just like books.


And all these little things that make our world shine …

One of those special moments …

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Gaming vs Novels

Charlie Higson recently asked in the Guardian:

Will computer games kill off the novel?

Will computer games kill off the novel?

Of course it won’t. Hardly the same thing and why should it?

There will always be something new, a new craze. It doesn’t mean it has to kill anything.

The way we read might evolve but most people will always want to hear a good story, goes back to the early ages of life on earth. Remember the caves…

As an author I keep an eye on Kindles and ebooks in general. I’m published traditionally but my books are to be made available as ebooks too so yes I’m interested, curious too.

As a mother I have managed so far to keep a balance right when it comes to games and computers, I hope it lasts. My children read and were read to from the start, yes, right from when they were born. Both are bookworms and can’t get enough. We buy books but also visit the library every week, otherwise we couldn’t keep up.

They also like to play games.

A question of balance, as in everything in life.

A writer’s paradise

Floating in the warm water

A blue tit comes and goes

Feeding her little ones

Swimming, I take it all in

Getting new ideas

Another plot forming

More writing later

Happy shrieks

Children have finished their work

About to splash in the pool

Laughter abounds

Happy mornings

Lazy days, but still writing

I love this time of year, life returning to our gardens and the sun warming us up after a long winter.

We’ve spent the last few days in and out of the pool, or drifting into oblivion under the sun.

Children have shrieked, and Mummy too.

I did take my mac into the garden and shielded under the parasol, I didn’t get that much done as you can imagine, but we had fun.

After yet another battle and much laughter, I am now sitting in my study, patio doors still wide open, birds are singing.

Time to write.

Photoshop in schools?

Seen in the New York Times:

The practice of altering photos, long a standard in the world of glossy magazines and fashion shoots, has trickled down to the wholesome domain of the school portrait. Parents who once had only to choose how many wallet-size and 5-by-7 copies they wanted are now being offered options like erasing scars, moles, acne and braces, whitening teeth or turning a bad hair day into a good one.

Say what?

But parents who choose to edit also run the risk of “potentially validating the concerns that it is not O.K. to be that way,” Dr. Peterson said.

No kidding!

Read the article here:


In response to one of the comment on Mummy Bloggers discussion:

Wouldn’t children who have their photos retouched be more prone to teasing? Everybody in their class would know that’s not how they look like, I think it would give more power to potential bullies. As teenagers, let them make that decision, but photoshopping is not going to change the way they look in real life.