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It’s so vain, it’s so lame

A hoax, or a car crash story
Is this for real? It could almost have been funny. Indeed I first thought like many I’m sure it was a joke, an April Fool. Only the date was wrong. So, I thought, it could still be a hoax.
Well, it seems the Samantha Brick story boomed world wide. A woman being ridiculed and served as lamb, human sacrifice fro the masses. If only it had been a joke with a ha ha, wasn’t that funny? But no, it goes on. First I felt sorry for her, but low and behold within hours there was another story. Did I still feel sorry for her? I’m bemused, stop this massacre. Has the Mail got no pride at all? No sense of what is going on? Or is it a hoax? Or just plain trash?

Just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the link from one of Britain’s much acclaimed and prestigious newspapers (hope you got the sarcastic bit)


Either it’s a very sad story of a woman with a deep problem or it’s a hoax. Thing is she apparently is an award winning journalist and nobody had heard from her before? Hmm, strange, is it not?

Either way it’s causing quite a stir, I bet the Daily Mail is grinning all the way.

The Dear One made a comment. “Perhaps she’s been living in France for too long and suffers from the well-known French arrogance.”

There’s being confident and there’s Samantha Brick. I’m astonished at the storm this article has created. She’s vilified and called ugly. Does it matter whether she’s beautiful or not?

I’m not going to join the bash whether it’s a true story or a hoax. People love to hate it seems, I don’t. If the story is true, I’d say shame on the Daily Mail for exploiting a woman who clearly has problems.

Yes, sadly women can be bitchy. I can’t believe I used that word, hate it. They can be jealous for all sorts of reasons. Fortunately there are aslo beautiful women, the ones with inner beauty, and these are the women I want to be associated with.

P.S. Thanks to the Daily Mail people now have a strange idea of what French men are like, referring to the pictures of her husband posing with a gun.

Is any of this Samantha Brick story true? I don’t know, but it’s all trash anyway.

Right, got better things to do now, cheerio.

Originally posted on Women on the Verge.

I don’t care about your politics, I care about humanity!

I don’t care about your politics, all promising so much and delivering so little.

Elections in Britain, elections in Belgium, a small country in which people fail to cohabit  peacefully.

Who to trust, who to choose, the lesser of many evils ?

Who will stand for humanity, peace and harmony?!

Yes, I know, I’m a dreamer.I’m not the only one.Many people want to see change and a fairer society.

Who will listen?

I choose to believe in humanity, sometimes difficult looking around you and further afield with so many people too self-absorbed or apathetic to stand up and make difference.

I do not understand a world where millions of people go hungry, are homeless, suffering and dying needlessly of diseases that can either be prevented or better treated.

A world where people forget to respect others, hate some for the way they look, come from or what they believe in.

What is the sense in that? this world frightens me ,saddens me, horrifies me and makes me doubt.

Until, fortunately, I am reminded of all of us who are trying, who do care, who want to make  a difference, however small.The ones who respect others and want to contribute to a better, fairer, more humane society.