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A fan, not me!

A fan, not me!

It’s always been about the music for me, not all the artifices that go with it.Sure, sometimes, the whole package works really well but the music is what matters to me.I was never a fanclub member, I never wrote to a singer when a teenager and I never tried to follow anyone after a concert.
So, I’m probably not your ideal fan, I will not buy all the remixes, magazines…I can’t just focus on one band like some people do.I have very eclectic tastes.Sometimes, you might even like the music but not necessarily everything that goes with it.
Music has always been  a great comfort to me.I can relate whole episodes of my life to various songs and associate them to different moods or stages in my life.
Until recently, I’d have been hard pressed to name my favourite band or singer or song.Even, just choosing my favourite song from a particular band is difficult, there are so many!So, what changed?

A chance discovery that took me completely by surprise.
I’ll never forget that day, sat there, wrought with emotion.It was so unexpected, moved me like never before, such a revelation.Now, I’ve been music mad since I was 10 years old and I’ve gone through varied types of music so it takes a lot for me to be surprised and blown away like I was.
It was a revelation I had not expected, yet, it was the music I’d wanted to hear all my life without knowing it.
It pushed all my buttons, provoked me, stirred me, the whole package musically with  soft melodies, hard ones , fast ones, the words and the way they’re played with, the emotion that filters through, so intense, the way it transports me…

So, if I had to choose my “desert island disc”…

And you, are you a fan?
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The power of imagination

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

Albert Einstein


Wait and see…

I remember a few years ago trying to explain this concept to a Japanese friend of mine, back in the days when I was living in Santa Barbara.Well, I’m not exactly blessed with patience but still.

So today, I was due for an appointment at the hospital.Did I mention that I hate hospitals, those of you who know me will know why.Yeah, I know as if anybody likes them!

Never something to look forward, I have not been blessed with good health.I deal with it!

My consultant starts prodding, I can see him shaking his head, the Dear One is already freaked out.More procedures to come and that’s on top of why I’m here for today.

The Dear One is holding my hand, I can see the tears brimming in his eyes, I’m trying to swallow and maintain my british reserve.Oh heck!

We’re home now and I didn’t even get a lecture when asked what I’d like to drink I replied coffee please.The Dear One is very keen on all things natural as I am, it’s just I do like a nice cup of coffee.

So now, we wait and see.I’m not good at being patient but I am good at keeping a cool head and being optimistic.I refuse to worry about it until we know more.

After all, it might be nothing and then what good will have been achieved and if it is bad news, then there will be plenty of time to worry about it and deal with it.