Tears in my eyes

I’m very emotional, not the type to blubber for no good reason just very sensitive and sometimes a bit too compassionate, but that’s another story.

Growing up, I learned to cry in private, the slightest sign of tears would only bring me more trouble.
So, not to make matters worse for myself, I’d choke inside, hardly able to breathe, trying my damnest not to show how it all affected me.

Over the years I’ve cried rivers, sometimes torrents of tears, hurting and grieving, the pain sometimes seemingly unbearable.

Then, one day, I realised one can cry happy tears, the ones that happen for the simplest events, those little things that matter to you so much and make you so happy.

Just watching my children playing or having a good time can bring on the tears of joy.I can feel my eyes starting to well up, overwhelmed with this happy feeling.

Moments to treasure and look back upon, these precious moments that get you through the tough times and warm you up inside to remind you that life isn’t always perfect but it always get better again, eventually!

© elleonthego

Twice the time!

Almost everything you undertake takes twice as long.Just when you think, I’ll just do this or it won’t take me a minute, something invariably crops up.Sometimes it can be a good thing, other times it ‘s just infuriating.
If you are a perfectionist like me, your work is never done.
There’s always another idea you could develop or a new way you’ve just thought of, sometimes the smallest of details but it ‘s bugging you.
Thankfully, I’ve learned to be happy, or try to, with what I can deliver within my limited time.I do go on thinking about it though… maybe I should … or just….
Ok,I’ll shut up now, I’m sure you get the gist.