Mother love

I love being a mum, I have two beautiful children who brighten my life everyday.It’s not always easy being a mum, there are ups and downs, but it’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever done.No book can ever teach you how to be a good mum, some at best can give you ideas and guidance. I learned to trust my instinct and shower them with love, with love you can’t go wrong.They do tell me I’m the best mum in the world,I’m not perfect but I do strive to do my very best.

On Sunday, it was Mother’s day back in England.I’m lucky to have 2 Mother’s days, ever since my daughter found out they celebrate Mother’s day at a different time in France.At the time, I ‘d been rushed into a french hospital while on holiday. I was pregnant with my son and had complications early on as in all my pregnancies.Both my children were fighters, I’m lucky to have had them and I’m glad I didn’t listen to the doctors who said they wouldn’t make it.
On that Mother’s day in France, a nurse appeared in my room with flowers.I was dumbfounded until she explained they were a present from the local mayor to all the mothers at the hospital, a lovely thought.
So the tradition of both Mother’s day was established and I can look forward to it again in a few weeks.
I will always think of my  little ones who didn’t make it into this world, I’ve learned to accept there will be no more babies to cherish and hold in my arms, my last pregnancy nearly killed me.
So I count my blessings, I survived and was given the chance to keep looking after the two treasures I’ve already got, I’m a very happy and lucky Mummy.
“True motherhood is the most beautiful of all arts, the greatest of all professions.”