Where is home anyway?

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H- Home is Where the Heart is

I’m British but grew up all over the place, so for a long time nowhere felt like home. I feel quite bohemian.

Since I’ve had my kids, anywhere I am with them is fine by me as long as they’re happy.

I do feel a strong connection with France though and I have a special place in Portugal. I don’t know why but I feel at peace there, plus they adore children.

Also, I speak French fluently and haven’t got tired of confusing the French. When they hear me switching from English to French without accent, they think I am indeed French, hilarious.


Responsibility, a new concept


Last weekend I watched the news in disbelief and shock. Many people died, others were wounded, but many also had the courage to act and save other  people’s

lives. Ms Gifford survived, thanks to her entourage’s prompt action, I wish her well. Others were not so lucky, I can’t imagine the pain that little girl’s family is going through.

A whole community is in shock. Horrific comments abounded on the web and other channels. Some people don’t even have the decency to shut up following such a tragedy.

The tea party thinks they are victims too. What, really?

I didn’t want to write about it at first. I’ve been too ill to do so anyhow. I also think others were much better placed to comment on this.

Here is the link to my friend Ana’s post who lives in Tucson.

Anger and the Tucson Shootings

by @CoOpweb


This was my response to it


I was speechless when I first heard about this tragedy at the week-end. We’ve been talking about a lot about it at home. I fail to understand what some politicians and their followers believe and how they have expressed themselves. I’m pretty sure a similar situation in the UK, although impossible as our politics and regulations are very different, would have resulted in a resignation and a grovelling apology.
So sad!
It is no excuse saying this person is crazy, politicians still bear the responsibility of their sayings
The wrong words heard by an already deranged person can have a devastating effect. I mean this in general and not just in regard to this particular case.



Auld lang syne!

Happy New Year!

I’m afraid I’ve not been around much lately. I haven’t been well and have concentrated on writing and family. It’s funny how no matter how ill I become, I’m still able to churn out the words. In fact I’ve never been so productive. Yes, I have finished another novel and have already started on a new one.

I spare a thought for all the people who are not so  lucky, who might not have a family to turn to or who might not have a roof over their heads. Holidays time can be a painful reminder of the loved ones we have lost or the bad turns life throws at us. We have to keep going however difficult it might seem. There will come a time when we will find ourselves happy and cheerful again, when we’re able to turn the page.

All the best for a happy and healthy new year.