Homeschool fun

My daughter completed a project on otters and gave us a presentation today. She enlightened us with various facts at the end.

Baby otters do not like water. Mums have to push them in the water.

LOL Her little brother thought it hilarious.

On another note, she has just completed another short story which has been entered in a competition. Fingers crossed!

She certainly has caught the bug and is forever looking at my wordcount. Yes, Mummy is writing her new book and is not tweeting much, apologies to fellow birds. I shall be back!

Small mercy

Some people spend their lives in anticipation of what might happen in the future, longing for things they desire, a better job, a better house, winning the lottery…

Instead of living for now, they believe that “if” and “when” are the answers to their happiness.

“When I have …” or “If only…”

They forget that tomorrow might never happen, that life is precious and should be embraced there and now.

You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die,or when.You can decide how you’re going to live now” Joan Baez

If you don’t learn to live for the moment, what makes you think you will enjoy tomorrow better ?

Sure, your life might improve but as an adult you are in control of your destiny and your happiness.

Man is fully responsible for his nature and his choices. ” J-P Sartre

As a child, I was vulnerable I might have had no power over what was happening but I chose to use my imagination and often retreated in my own universe.

As an adult, I took charge and broke the vicious circle that had been casting its shadow over my family.

We do not have to suffer our lives or wait for some miracle to happen so let’s embrace it.Even on the darkest of days, there is always something to be grateful about, some small mercy.

Remember, this is now,and now,and now.Live it, feel it and cling to it.I want to become acutely aware of all that I’ve taken for granted”  S.Plath

How little we know

My daughter thinks I know everything and believes I’m always right.I’m forever explaining to her that in reality no-one knows it all and that learning is a constant process, that in fact we all know very little .

I tell her how we never stop learning and remind her how her “know-it-all” mother struggles with new technical terms and that perseverance is the key.

Yes,I might speak foreign languages, I’m a writer, I’m well-read and well-travelled.Yet, there is so much I do not know, languages I cannot speak.

There are also subjects I have no interest in, ones that even if I can manage to get my head round them do not create this urge in me to find out more and more.

I do not care for finances much being the creative type.I love making and creating, I cannot get enthused about the revenue it creates.

Sometimes I could make my life a little easier and instead of struggling with all the technical stuff , I could have had someone  help me but I take  pride  in learning by myself.It’s not perfect and there’s much more to do but I feel I have accomplished something and pushed myself a little further.

That is the message I try to convey to my children.You can always go the extra length and take pride in what you do.The more you learn , the more you realise how much more there is to know.How exciting it is to be on a perpetual voyage of discovery!

A little baker in my kitchen

My 10 year old daughter has found one of her talents recently.After excelling at writing (good genes?), she has now demonstrated a real talent for baking.

We always bake in our family, an enjoyable occupation for my 2 children and I so perhaps it’s not surprising that she wanted to go at it alone.

For the last few months, she, after many safety lectures, has been doing her own thing.

She planned her first time “alone” in the kitchen carefully and surprised us with very elaborate treats.She produced pastries, biscuits and even a cake, all in the same afternoon.

She did all this very calmly and with no apparent bother, although she did tell me afterwards she now understands why I sometimes get frazzled in the the kitchen.

I’m glad she’s picked up such a useful skill, my little boy loves baking too and wants to run a cafe with his big sister, when they’re grown up.Sweet!

It’s also good to see her understanding of what makes a good diet, especially at a time when so many people have weight problems.

After all, if we were all more conscious of what we feed ourselves and understood which nutrients our bodies need to be healthy rather than eating junk food and go on fad diets, there would be a lot less people with weight and health problems.

So much toss about motherhood!

Most of us choose to become mothers, as such we have a responsibility and duty to our children.After all, they certainly didn’t have a choice and they depend on us for survival and love.

This does not mean we have to suffer our children or be slaves to them.

We live in a free society and most mothers have a choice on how they wish to raise their children.

Ok, so, I’m a non-conformist.I do not bow down to so-called gurus who always know better and I can’t stand stereotypes.

There is no such thing as the perfect mother, why should there be? Is anybody perfect?!

My previous posts on motherhood have been all about choices and tolerance.

I didn’t choose to breastfeed.I was the first of my friends to be pregnant and had no preconceived ideas.
Yet, for whatever reason, as soon as I got pregnant, I knew I wanted to breastfeed, it seemed obvious to me.

Breastfeeding wasn’t easy, I was very weak after very difficult and life-threatening pregnancies.I was even advised to bottle-feed.I had mastitis several times,not fun!

Yet, I never felt I was a slave to my babies.I enjoyed the special bond I’ve got with them.

We are all different.I’m not criticizing anybody’s choices or circumstances but I  will not stand a so-called feminist belittling mothers who do breastfeed and make purees for their children!

For the record I did not use re-usable nappies. So?!

Mostly, I listen to my instincts.
You are the one looking after your baby, you’re the one who knows your child best.Children like mothers are all different and react differently.

Let’s embrace our differences

As long as you’re not harming your children and doing your best does it really matter how you do it! I know I don’t need a book or some ill-thinking person to tell me how to look after my children.
I love my children immensely, they’re happy and well-balanced and that’s what really matters!

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