Lost in your time

I’m back posting on this blog. Having a site was a learning curve which I didn’t particularly enjoy. I missed the friendliness of this blog and I’m glad I’ll be able to follow others and comment a lot more easily. I hope it will be easier for you to comment too 🙂

Thanks for bearing with me these last few days. Tired of being hacked on my site, I made the decision to move back here, which meant a lot of work and adjustments. Please let me know if you can’t find something or have a question.

Thank you!

Lost in your time

Novelist meets French rock star, prepare for the sparkles.

Rock star or husband – which would you choose?

Ah, the dangers of the internet! We’ve all been warned, but do we take notice?
When Natasha clicks on a link, her whole life is turned upside down. A flash from the past, a chance meeting with a gorgeous French rock star…
A chance to start over and forget the pain and misery from the last two years.
But can Natasha let go? Will she accept this new twist in her life?

Why I love Thanksgiving

Ok, so I’m not American and I don’t even live in America, so what do I know?

A few years ago I was lucky enough to spend some time in California. I was still very young and it as at a time when I was still vulnerable, trying to overcome a difficult period in my life.

I was made very welcome in America and it was not just because of the “cute British accent.” It took me a while to shed some of the layers I had wrapped around me. I made fabulous friendships there, ones I still treasure today. I met people who cared enough to take down my barriers. Away from all the trauma I had encountered, I felt free for the first time in my life, free to be me.

When Thanksgiving came round the corner, I received many invitations. I spent it with my boyfriend’s family and it was a wonderful experience. I saw and experienced people coming together, happy to be reunited, neighbours, friends and family were all truly welcome .

I hear all the cynics saying how they dread spending time over the holidays. I’ve been there, if you had known my family, you would know those were not happy times. That first Thanksgiving however made me realise that it doesn’t have to be like that, that there are people who care and love each other unconditionally.

These days I have my own family, for which I am truly thankful, I have my own two little miracles and I survived against all odds. One of these very special who I shared my first Thanksgiving with will be with us tomorrow. We all have  stereotypes imprinted in us, I try to ignore these as much as I can. There is good and bad everywhere, perfection doesn’t exist but we can all do our best to make our world a better place.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The “Fake” Family Tree (via Monica’s Tangled Web)

The "Fake" Family Tree It was the kind of homework assignment a self-conscious Latina dreaded most. Picture if you will, 1964. LBJ is in the White House. Muhammad Ali beats Sonny Liston and is crowned heavyweight champion of the world. The Beatles make their U.S. debut on The Ed Sullivan Show. And me? I’m in Queens, attending school at P.S. 154, sitting in the second row of Mrs. Green’s third grade class. Oh, and I’m sweating bullets. For Mrs. Green, my third grade tea … Read More

via Monica’s Tangled Web