Lost in your time

I’m back posting on this blog. Having a site was a learning curve which I didn’t particularly enjoy. I missed the friendliness of this blog and I’m glad I’ll be able to follow others and comment a lot more easily. I hope it will be easier for you to comment too 🙂

Thanks for bearing with me these last few days. Tired of being hacked on my site, I made the decision to move back here, which meant a lot of work and adjustments. Please let me know if you can’t find something or have a question.

Thank you!

Lost in your time

Novelist meets French rock star, prepare for the sparkles.

Rock star or husband – which would you choose?

Ah, the dangers of the internet! We’ve all been warned, but do we take notice?
When Natasha clicks on a link, her whole life is turned upside down. A flash from the past, a chance meeting with a gorgeous French rock star…
A chance to start over and forget the pain and misery from the last two years.
But can Natasha let go? Will she accept this new twist in her life?

6 thoughts on “Lost in your time

  1. Glad to see you back and ready to rock again. Hacking is such a pain…I have experienced it several times and it caused havoc…having to contact friends whose emails had been infected, Facebook friends as well. In one case ‘I’ had been mugged in Milan and was asking for £1,000 via Money Gram because the Police and British Embassy wouldn’t help and I hadn’t any money….the first I knew of it was when a friend of 40 years (not seen her in all the time either, though exchanged letter and Xmas cards etc), rang me from Moscow asking where I would like the money sent!!!! Thank God, she rang and didn’t just send it. A lot of people never renewed their friendships after that – removed me from their lists as I think they thought I was scamming them! I lost their email addresses and couldn’t write and explain….so having a web-site hacked must be hell….I do hope you find your comfort Zone here and nothing like this happens again and you can concentrate on your writing. Good luck with your Blogging, I am looking forward to returning and exchanging chat. xx

  2. Thanks Jane! Yes, hacking and spamming are no fun, such a shame you lost friends over this. True friends would investigate though like the one who rang you.
    Yes, loving being back here, and it’s great to be able to follow others. I look forward to reading you and looking at your lovely pictures. Xx

    • Hi Elle, wondered where you had gone, glad you are back. Thanks for liking my blog and following and I hope we can catch up more often…there is always Facebook of course! I have a nightmare with technology often and I’ve never been able to add the award you gave me on here….sorry about that, but I have tried to embed it but I cannot…any other suggestions? I am not usually thick!!

      I am glad you enjoy my photos as well as the writing. I have been a bit lack lately and need to take myself in hand. I am writing two books at once – one with a co-author and my own Ms Birdsong Investigates and I am toying with NANOWRIMO again this year…..so the blog is suffering. I am so glad to find you back here and look forward to seeing what you are up to and what you are writing. Have a fun week. J x

    • Thanks for nominating me for this Award Elle, am thrilled to bits and so appreciate you thinking of me. I am now trying to get my head around how to accept it and pass it on….do give me some hints….my brain has gone into overload!! xx

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