Forget word count

I’m often asked about word count.

Okay, so I’m a total nutter. I have three novels on the go, one of them in French. Too many ideas bursting out. No idea what this writer’s block is about.
I do try and concentrate on one project but what do you do when inspiration strikes?

I just go with the flow. That’s one thing I can be organised with. All my neat and not so neat little files, I bounce from one to the other.
I’ve been known to pen an entire draft in  one week. When it flows, it flows! I can’t stop until it’s done.
And the word count? Yes, so it’s thrilling to see it add up but I don’t get fixated on it. I know when the story is finished and that to me is what matters.


One thought on “Forget word count

  1. Elle, how amazing that you can multi-task on the writing front. I know I couldn’t write three novels at the same time. However, when I do get going, I do get going, just like you. And word count? Well, I’m notorious for writing a lot, fast. I had to fudge the wordcount in my English and German essay even in secondary school because I’d always end up writing twice as much as everyone else, and I’d be embarrassed. Even now, I end up cutting my novels to size. Being lost for words has never been a problem for me… So if ever I do worry, it’s just about being waaaaayyyyy to long. X

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