Writing in bed?

Writing in bed, you bet?

And why not? I carry a notebook with me everywhere, but a quick look at my bedside table will reveal four of five, plus loose notes and other books I might need for research. Inspiration has the knack to strike in the most unlikely or impractical places, but in bed? Every night. I have to switch the light back on several times in the evening before I can fall asleep, if I can indeed fall asleep. I wake up during the night? You guessed it, I have to reach for the notepad. I scribble away early in the morning as every one else is asleep, in my household that is, taking advantage of the calm before I’m set upon by little darlings wanting to climb him and demanding cuddles. The tough life of a writer… As I read in the Guardian, ‘beds and books are perfect companions’, couldn’t agree more. http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/booksblog/2011/apr/28/writing-in-bed-robert-mccrum Oh, and apparently Marcel Proust, George Orwell, Winston Churchill, Colette, Mark Twain and Edith Warton all wrote in bed. Just saying…


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