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A Chat about Social Networking and Marketing.


Marketing – a necessary evil?

No – not evil – but fun! You see I actually look forward to the marketing part. I see it as a reward. For me it’s something to look forward to after the long hours of self imposed solitude required to write a full length novel. Don’t get me wrong – I love writing – but I don’t find it easy. I think it’s really hard work. Something I do find easy however because it’s lots of fun, is hosting a party, chatting in an interview situation, or taking part in a forum that involves my readers or other writers. I just love to talk about writing and my books!

A few years ago, after finishing a book, getting it published and launching it off into the world as a paperback, the party and the raucous celebrations would have been with family, friends, book groups, writer’s groups etc, in a physical setting like a local book shop with fizzy wine and nibbles and a short reading. I’d have worn a posh frock, no doubt bought especially for the occasion, and after a couple of hours when we were all done and it was time to go home, I’d have been exhausted, happy, and no doubt a bit tipsy.

These days, as an indie author and because I publish ebooks, that has all changed completely and yet I still have just as much fun. After the hard work of writing, re-writing and editing (I also employ a professional editor) and consulting with my (professional) cover designer, the no-less raucous launch party will launch from my blog and it will be supported by Twitter and Facebook and all the other social networking sites I can muster support from. Instead of doing a reading, book bloggers (having been sent an advance copy) will review and rate the book (hopefully favourably!) and while all this is happening I can answer reader comments in real time, check sales figures directly, chat to other writers, and appear in many different countries all over the world – simultaneously!

Now that’s what I call fun – and I can do it all in my pyjamas if I like!

What is your favourite social network and why?

I have to say that being part of is my favourite social networking experience because it’s a interactive network, a magazine style blog and an innovative reader/writer website all at the same time. It’s a great support to me as a writer and it encourages me to expand my repertoire as an editor with my regular ‘Review Chair’ feature, where I interview authors and readers about a author’s book.

This year, on 16th June, will be hosting its first Summer Event in Tetbury, Gloucester. It will be a day when readers can meet authors and aspiring writers can get tips from those who currently writing successfully in many different genres. There will be something for everyone including a light lunch. I can hardly wait and will be flying down from Scotland especially to attend. So do join us!

How much time do you waste, sorry, spend on social networking?

Well, I don’t consider that time spent building and maintaining my social network as time wasted but it certainly should be time managed! I must easily spend at least a couple of hours each day on-line and the only way I can manage this is by not watching television at all. So for at least an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening, I check and respond to emails, take part in several writer group forum chats, follow back on Twitter, send tweets and links and thank those who retweet for me. Then of course there is Facebook – and I have a personal account and an author page to regularly update, maintain, and share. I blog once a week usually but will always check my own blog daily for comments. I enjoy visiting and supporting other people’s blogs too and I spend quite a lot of time reading and commenting on other blogs. I also spend lots of time off line doing social network related writing: writing up blog posts for my own blog, for The Review Chair feature on Loveahappyending, and doing on line interviews (like this one!). I realise that I couldn’t do all of this effectively if I didn’t absolutely love it – but I do!

Janice Horton lives in Scotland and writes romantic novels with humour. Look out for her Amazon bestselling ebooks ‘Bagpipes & Bullshot’ and her latest novel ‘Reaching for the Stars’. She is a member of the Romantic Novelist’s Association.


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14 thoughts on “Author to author with Janice Horton

  1. Excellent interview, Janice. I completely agree with your attitude on social media. Approaching it with a positive outlook and enjoying the experience, no matter how time consuming, reaps rewards in every way.

  2. Refreshing post Janice and Elle, good to read someone’s perspective on social media activities and the need to ‘manage’ time. You can spend your life on the web and when would you write (laugh)? Enjoyed this, thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the support we get from LAHE too! Gosh, could you imagine having no one to share with?? No shoulder to lean on? No one to say, Ugh, help, or Yessss(!) to? Wouldn’t a writer’s life be a totally lonely one then? Thanks for the reminder re managing time though, Jance. It is an important point if you want to write! Nice interview, girls! 🙂

  4. Great interview, Janice! I love your perspective on marketing and social media. I have to confess, I find it hard going personally–but I think that is simply because I am so time constrained, and my OH and kids take a dim view of mummy being glued to the computer! So yes, marketing does need to be time managed. Love hearing your thoughts, and thanks to Elle for hosting this fab interview! And now… I shall go and tweet this to the world! XX

    • Thanks for sharing Nicky, and for the smile. I too find it hard going.
      I love interacting, don’t get me wrong, it’s the time issue like you and the “look at me, I’ve got a new book…”
      I homeschool as well so time…What time? Xx

  5. Very interesting interview! I agree and can totally relate, Janice! This thing called social marketing is miraculous in how it makes the world seem so much smaller. If it weren’t for Twitter, how else would I have met all the wonderful people at Now all I have to do is carve out some time to write, too!

  6. I greatly enjoyed this… I had to swallow my distaste for self-marketing. It felt (and still does) like bragging. I prefer the ‘field of dreams approach, build it and he will come’ but realize this is just me being passive. You’re write.. marketing is fun, girl. Now grin and bear it.. Thanks much for sharing.

  7. Great interview – Janice’s sparkling personality comes through so vividly! For anyone who doesn’t know Janice – I’d like to add that she’s also incredibly helpful and supportive to those just entering the brave new world of indie publishing and all it entails – particularly when it comes to marketing and social networking.
    I share Janice’s belief that the whole malarkey can be fun – and I don’t believe it has to be – or even should be – all about blowing your own trumpet. People who do that and nothing but that are soon rumbled.

  8. Loved the interview. Janice, you’re a great promoter and your enthusiasm for marketing your work comes through.

    I try, too, to limit my time on FB and Twitter to first thing in the morning and maybe for a bit when I get home from work, because it is so easy to get caught up in the socializing.

    And when I spending time on social networks, I’m not getting any writing done.

  9. Thanks sooooo much for all the lovely comments. My social networking was temporarily curtailed this week by dastardly computer problems but I’m not deterred (have borrowed an old wind up model) and I am looking forward to getting back online asap!

    Party on!

    Janice xx

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