Queen of the Suburbs

Queen of the Suburbs


Neighbours… Everybody needs good neighbours…


Perhaps I have watched Neighbours too many times, perhaps it’s the eternal optimist in me. When I move in on that glorious day, I have no idea what is ahead of me.

Welcome to Suburbia, a land I have not lived in before. My parents have lived a retired life, this is all new to me. Not a conscious decision, but I have to live somewhere. I like the house and I can afford it, decision made.

My own space, my first home. A proper home, the base I’ve craved all through childhood. A place where nobody can tell me what to do or remind me I’m only a guest. I never questioned this before, not until I had friends. They’re not guests in their parent’s houses. They can voice their opinions and they talk back.

I move into this big house filled with light, just me & my dog with very few possessions. A mere few boxes, I have stripped myself of my past. All the heavy and dark furniture inherited from my parents is gone, I’ve kept only cutlery and china.  No big removal lorries for me, just a couple of car trips. My bed arrives the next day, somehow the man at the furniture shop took pity on me and had it delivered “as soon as possible” he’d said.

My crazy pup is in dog’s paradise, a big house, three stories to run around in and a garden.No more cramped flat, no more having to wait to frolic in the fresh air and chase after bees. He can go as he pleases. He soon learned not to jump off the balcony, which is not really a balcony, there are no balustrades. How crazy is that ? When I brought him with me to view our new house, he got a little over excited. I thought him safe in the garden, the house was unoccupied. When the estate agent and I went outside we got a nasty shock. Barney had trotted up the steps to explore, probably looking for me. When he realised I was just below him, he leapt off. No common sense. Well, what do you expect from a four month old Labrador. I screamed as I saw a golden mass land right in front of me, he just shook himself up, bouncy as ever. Oh boy, puppies! He’s my first dog, I have no experience of dogs, or any pets for that matter. My mother had a strict “no feathers, no fur” policy.


The doorbell rings and I go downstairs to investigate.



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A Labrador Retriever in the snow.

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