Author to Author with Scarlett Bailey

So pleased to have Scarlett on my blog today, makes me feel all Christmassy. Mince pies anyone?




  • What inspires you the most when writing

It seems to be that ninety percent of writing seems to be like walking uphill in diving boots, but then suddenly without you even noticing it, you a skiing down a mountainside at top speed, because you are right there, in the middle of a scene, and everything is flying. It is a most exhilarating feeling, and it’s the promise of finding that fleeting moment whilst writing, that makes me want to keep doing it.

  • Plotter or pantser?

I’m a plotter, I’m a very exhaustive plotter, because I’m worried about losing my way or faffing or waffling too much, but the most interesting plot twist in The Night Before Christmas was not in my very extensive 20 page plot, it came out of the blue – so it just goes to show, you can’t plan for everything!’

  • What would you like people to remember most about you?

My recipe for Boy Scout’s Baked Beans which can be found in the back of The Night Before Christmas….(Only joking) I don’t know. For being rather nice, I hope. And not always eating all of the After Eights in one go without sharing. Not always.

  • Do you ever get fed up with your own stories?

Not so far. Writing The Night Before Christmas was an enormous amount of fun, but then writing about Christmas and kissing and snow and kissing wasn’t ever going to be too emotionally draining…

  •  I often write amidst chaos. What about you? Absolute peace or hustle and bustle?  

Utter, utter chaos, lots of bits of paper I need to file (bleugh) and things that have to be tidied up (double bleugh) and empty cups of coffee that should be washed up (you know what I think about that, BLEUGH). It all works fine until I have to find something….

Scarlett also has a little treat in store for you. Be good now and you get to read a chapter of Santa, Maybe ( Scarlett’s Advent Calendar short story )

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You can also find Scarlett here:

@ScarlettBailey on Twitter

Watch the book trailer here:


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