Author to Author with Paige Toon

An interview with lovely author Paige Toon!


Paige Toon was born in 1975 and her dad’s career as a racing driver meant that she grew up between England, Australia and America. She worked for eight years as Reviews Editor at heat magazine, before leaving to have a baby. She now lives in Cambridge with her husband and two children. One Perfect Summer is her sixth book.




  • Born with a pen in your hand or writing came as a shock brigade?

I was definitely born with a pen in my hand. I’ve always wanted to write books – ever since I was a little girl. I remember I often used to write stories with sad endings, because I knew that that wouldn’t be what people expected from a little girl, and I didn’t want to be predictable. The day I got a book deal was one of the best days of my life – I had started to fear it would never happen, and I know it would have been one of my biggest regrets. I feel very lucky indeed.

  •  Plotter or pantser?

I’m a plotter, for sure. I know how my stories will start, continue and end. All of the main story arcs I know beforehand… with the exception of my new book, One Perfect Summer (10 May 2012). To my total surprise, I realised about twenty thousand words before the end, that I didn’t know what was going to happen to my characters. One of the main characters turned out different to how I imagined at the beginning, and because of that, it had a knock-on effect with the other characters. I literally didn’t know what was going to happen as I was typing my last few pages – it was a truly bizarre, but extremely exciting. Maybe I need to plan less in future…

  •  What do you like best about writing?

I love losing myself in another world. My stories and characters feel very real to me. When I’m into a story, I’m itching to get onto my computer so I can put my thoughts down. As I’m a full-time mum, this isn’t often immediately possible, but I can daydream about my stories any time I like, and live vicariously through my characters!

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Thank you Paige, it was a pleasure to find out a little more about you and your writing process.


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