Game, Set and Match with Morgen Bailey


Today, meet the lovely Morgen Bailey. I met Morgen on Twitter and she very kindly interviewed me prior to my book launch. She’s a fab interviewer so now it’s her turn to answer a few questions.

Morgen Bailey is a writing-related blogger who hosts the weekly Bailey’s Writing Tips audio podcast, two in-person writing groups (based in Northamptonshire, England), is the author of numerous short stories, novels, articles, has dabbled with poetry but admits that she doesn’t “get it”, and is a regular Radio Litopia contributor.

She also belongs to two other local writing groups (one of which runs the annual HE Bates Short Story Competition) and when she’s not researching for her writing group, writes a bit more, is a British Red Cross volunteer and walks her dog (often while reading, writing or editing) and reads (though not as often as she’d like), oh and sometimes she writes.

And I thought I was busy! So here it is, five questions to find out more about this very busy lady.











  • Born with a pen in your hand or writing came as a shock brigade? Semi-shock. I’d always loved writing (Stephen King and torch under the duvet as a teen) and English was my best subject at school but I’d never considered it as a career until I took Sally Spedding’s ( evening classes. And even then it took another four years for me to realise that I didn’t want to do anything else (literally!).
  • Any writing quirks? Yes, I love second person viewpoint. It only really tends to lend itself to short dark pieces (which suits me) but it’s the intimacy I like, which is probably why monologues are also a favourite. I also can’t write with pencil; maybe I worry that it’s going to rub out. And the pen has to be a good one. It doesn’t have to be expensive (one of a pack from Poundland is current favourite) but it can’t stutter or scratch. If it does it goes in the bin.
  • Plotter or pantser? Definitely a ‘pantser’. I don’t think I’d heard this term until I started doing my interview and now hear it all the time, I love it. I plotted for my first NaNoWriMo novel and it didn’t go far off track but it made me realise that I needn’t plot too much because once I’d created the characters they took over. I’m lucky in that I have more ideas than I can handle, and rarely get stuck, so I set the iPod to classical and once the hands start typing the only thing stopping me is time… or lack of food… the dog needing a walk, Twitter… Facebook… I do have a vague idea of what I’m going to write about and sometimes have the start, middle and end because in the main I write short stories but even for the likes of the 50,000 words needed for NaNo I don’t worry about getting to the end. What it’s like when I get there is another matter but then that’s where the editing comes in. I also don’t stick to any one genres so that helps keep it fresh.
  • Are you a disciplined writer? Do you make yourself sit down every day or do you write in bursts? I’m disciplined when it comes to the blog I have so many people (the other authors) anticipating their pieces (guest posts, interviews etc) to go up that I get it done pretty much on time (every morning and evening) but rubbish with my own writing. I need deadlines so things like NaNoWriMo and Story a Day May ( are the best way to get me writing in chunks. Otherwise it’s my fortnightly writing workshops (usually three or four 10-15 minute exercises) and oddments in between.
  • Paper or laptop? Ideally laptop because my typing speed is much quicker than my handwriting (which itself isn’t bad but I realise how slow every Monday workshop) but I find it easier to edit on paper; a different part of the brain apparently.

Everything Morgen is involved with is detailed on her blog







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3 thoughts on “Game, Set and Match with Morgen Bailey

  1. Ooh, I’m just the same re paper or laptop – my handwriting can’t keep up with my brain! Bed and bathroom times present a bit of a dilemma though. Decided perhaps better not to plug myself in whilst in bath. 🙂 Nice interview Elle/Morgen. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Sheryl, lovely to see you here 🙂
      I have my best ideas when swimming or in the shower. Very inconvenient.
      Oh, and driving. LOL
      Mad writers!

  2. Thank you ladies. It was fun. This is my 15th time as an interviewee and just like the answers my interviewers give me, it’s really surprising (pleasantly so) how different they all are. 🙂

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