Meet Debbie Viggiano


Please welcome author Debbie Viggiano. Debbie and I met on Facebook and she’s a lovely, supportive lady. I’m glad our paths have crossed thanks to social networking. 









I often write amidst chaos. What about you? Absolute peace or hustle and bustle?

I need a peaceful environment to write.  My teenaged kids somehow manage to produce successful exam results and wonderful homework all the while studying with music blaring.  But I truly don’t know how they manage to concentrate!  They, on the other hand, insist background noise helps their creativity.  Each to their own!

Have you ever switched genres, or considered doing so?

I would love to be able to switch genres, but regrettably relationship romance peppered with humour is the only thing that ‘flows’.  I recently entered a Flash Fiction competition and, as a discipline, concentrated on trying to write something more ‘literary’.  To my delight I came second.  However, when I re-read the piece with fresh eyes, I realised I’d still written about a relationship!  The only difference was that it was a relationship breakdown, totally lacking humour and left me quite depressed.

What would you like people to remember most about you?

I’d like people to remember me for having made them smile – or even laugh out loud.  Nothing makes me happier than getting an email from a stranger saying, ‘Just want to say that I was reading your book on the commute to work, and had a total laughing fit in front of a train full of grumpy passengers.’  For me, such a comment is pure gold and better than winning the lottery!

Elle : Oh, I love that.

When did you realise you had made it as a writer?

I realised I’d made it as a writer when people I didn’t know – as opposed to family! – began buying my book and also lobbying me to write a sequel to Stockings and Cellulite.  Currently I’m in the process of publishing my second novel ‘Flings and Arrows’ (keep an eye on my website for details) and have finally started the sequel to Stockings.  That novel will be called ‘Silicon and Stretchmarks’.




My website where the viewer can read the first few pages of Stockings and Cellulite:

Promotional video on You Tube:

Thanks Debbie for taking part, a pleasure to welcome you here.

Nowhere Left to Hide now on Amazon

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3 thoughts on “Meet Debbie Viggiano

  1. Hi Ladies.
    I too had the pleasure of meeting Debbie. You are as Elle describes, Debbie; a lovely lady, who listened to me droning on at the Festival of Romance.
    Good luck with your books and I look forward to catching up with you.
    Kind regards

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