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Big welcome today to novelist Jill Mansell. Jill kindly agreed to answer a few questions for me, so here it is without further ado.


Paper or laptop? I write mainly on my Mac but treasure my notebooks which can be found all over the place. What about you Jill?

I’m one of the few remaining dinosaurs who writes her novels by hand. I use Harley Davidson fountain pens and Pukka Pads – always have done and always will write by hand – it’s the only way I can create fiction. It’s also the reason there are no explicit sex scenes in my books – my mum used to type them up for me and now my teenage daughter does it. She’s easily repulsed!

 How much time do you waste on social networking sites?  I love interacting with readers and writers friends, what about you?

Too much! It’s just lovely, being able to chat on Twitter with other friends and writers and people who like my books. If I ask a research question, someone will always have the answer. I love watching favourite TV shows along with so many other people. We interact in so many ways. I feel sorry for those people who pull faces and say disparagingly, ‘But what’s the POINT of Twitter?’ They’re really missing out.

Indeed, Twitter is great and you do meet some lovely people this way. I often write amidst chaos. What about you? Absolute peace or hustle and bustle?

Well, I’m a bit of a mixture. Much as I would love to be one of those novelists who can sit in a cafe and write, it would be a disaster for me. I’m so incurably nosy I’d be too busy watching and eavesdropping on everyone to get any work done at all. I only ever write at home, either upstairs in bed or on my sofa in the living room, and I much prefer to be alone, but I do have to have the TV on while I’m working. It’s company, and you can pick up some great plot ideas. I love shows like This Morning, property programmes, old episodes of Oprah, and schmaltzy Christmas movies. I bet not too many other authors would admit to writing like this!

And why not. Whatever stimulates the muse, I guess. We all have our little quirks. Once again, thank you very much Jill, it’s been such a pleasure to get to know you a little better.

About Jill

I’ve written 23 books so far – romantic comedy, feel-good fiction to make you laugh and cry, and love my job when it’s going well. When it isn’t, I turn to Twitter and chat to readers and other writers for a while instead – you can find me there as @JillMansell. I’m also on Facebook but find it a tad confusing! My website is to be found at I used to work in the field of clinical neurophysiology in a neurological hospital but that ended twenty years ago when I decided to take the plunge and become a full time writer instead.

My books have been translated into 26 languages and six million copies have been sold to date. My latest book is To the Moon and Back and the next one, titled A Walk in the Park, comes out in February 2012. Many thanks,Elle, for inviting me to answer questions about myself!

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