The alchemy of agony, or how to feel safe enough to let the guard down

Today I have the pleasure to welcome my dear friend Ana Lewis, founder of Women On The Verge

Ana very kindly reviewed my new book, contributed a blurb and wrote this post which I’m so proud to share with you.


The Alchemy of Agony

I am struck, as I recently read, Nowhere Left to Hide, by Elle Amberley, how truly valuable our friendships are and how much our female friends, in particular, mean to us as women.

Natasha, the main character, is a young university student who has endured horrific abuses in her life, yet somehow has been able to hold that pain close, see it clearly for what it is, and use it to be more conscientious and sympathetic towards others.

Even those people who were labeled as wicked or difficult, Natasha was able to see past their facade and see their pain was much like hers.  Typically these types of people push others away, but Natasha helped them to see their sameness, thus employ the alchemy of agony.

Every single one of us endures challenges in our lives.  Every single one of us at some point or another is a victim.  I know that some people are turned off by the word victim, but it’s a reality.  A reality that makes us more sensitive to another’s journey, pain and even joy.

Being witness to Natasha’s sensitivity, turned people around.  Suddenly they were understood.   Suddenly they were accepted.  Suddenly, they could let that big huge wall down and show their true selves.  And isn’t that what we all want?  To be understood?  To be accepted?  And to feel safe enough to let the guard down?

As a long-distance friend of Elle’s, I see her do this to people every week.  Her gift of acceptance makes her friendship a true gift.  She skillfully demonstrates this gift through her character, Natasha, making her book, Nowhere Left to Hide,  overflowing with lessons on how we can all realize our sameness, our oneness and love each other for who we really are .

Thank you so much Ana, your post means a lot to me. You encapsulated the meaning of the story so well and am truly touched by your kind words.

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