How writing in French healed me

English or French?

OK, so I have a novel coming out soon and the thing is I can’t wait to finish editing the follow-up.

I also have a French novel on the back burner, calling me. As I read passages the other day, it struck me how much the style is different from my English novels.

In recent interviews I’ve been asked about the challenges of writing in another language. Writing in French came as a shock, something I had not anticipated at all. It happened after a trauma and unblocked the pain in me, the pain I could not express in English. I had not even planned to write. The pen was placed in my hand and through tears the words just poured out.

I wonder if other writers who write in a different language feel the same and express themselves differently. I do know I love the challenge and the ability to do so, opening new doors in my mind…

Thank you for all the support here, on Twitter and lately on Facebook. I very much appreciate it.

Stay tuned for more news, many thanks, Elle

And do drop me a line, I love chatting with all of you:)

French Kiss here ☛ ♥


2 thoughts on “How writing in French healed me

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