The X factor. Have you got it?

X Factor, love it or hate it?

Difficult to ignore the hype even if the ratings are not so good. I don’t really watch television, but when my daughter got curious and started looking it up on the net, I suggested we watch it together.

Do I like watching the X Factor? Well, I suppose in a way it is entertaining. We certainly have had a good laugh. I know there’s a lot of criticism regarding the talent or lack of talent. Does it matter? And who are we to judge?

After all we all have different tastes and people want to be entertained not necessarily discover the best singer there ever was. They’d probably be very disappointed otherwise.

So back to writing, how do you know if you have the X Factor? You know, that special ‘je ne sais quoi’

Everything in life is subjective. What appeals to one might repel another, and that’s fine. Who wants to live in an uniform society?

Imagine that, if we were all the same. Wouldn’t that be boring?


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