Facebook Timeline. It’s my life


There has been much talk of Facebook and its new timeline, much controversy. Like it not, Facebook does what it wants. It took me a long time to join Facebook because of these privacy issues. Facebook is sneaky, you have to be on your guards to make sure some of your personal details will not be revealed.

Some people don’t care so much or can’t be bothered to check all the different and numerous privacy boxes. So does it matter?

Here is an article I read this morning, it was written by author Nathan Bransford on CNET. Check it out here :

Is the world ready for Facebook Timeline?

Interesting article, I left this comment:

A timely warning, as ever it depends what you post and how much you’re happy to reveal about yourself.

Problem is many people forget that and very young people are vulnerable as they don’t always grasp the significance of their acts. When you’re a certain age you might not care and think it’s all a bit of fun, trouble is you might live to regret that bit of fun.

And the law is never far behind you, people get drunk or post something as a joke and the next thing they know they’re in court.

What about you? What do you think? Like it? Or hate it?


One thought on “Facebook Timeline. It’s my life

  1. I avoided FB for a long time for the same reasons as you–and I’m still not sure about it. I wonder if it’s a case of everyone talking and no one listening. I don’t use it for anything personal. I use Picasa web albums set to private for family pictures. For me it’s primarily a place to find and connect with other writers.

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