Thank you Steve!

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How sad to read the news this morning.

As soon as I switched on my Mac, Steve Jobs was everywhere. I look around me and I have so many Apple gadgets. Yes, I love Apple.

My Mac changed the way I write.

A few years ago I was struggling on a PC, most days I cursed as my screen froze and I wasted precious time. Back then I thought Apple was a lot of hype and expensive products until I played with one.

I can still remember that day when I was shown what you can do on a Mac, how fast it was.

I had tears in my eyes as I realised I was getting one and how much I desired it, how it would transform my life. Yeah, I know I’m the emotional type. The event even inspired a passage in a novel to be published next year.

So, yes, it has transformed my life. I can take it anywhere I like, it loads super quickly, I can have however many windows open I want… I just love it!

As an author and a busy mum time is precious, ease and convenience just as much. Learning to use a Mac is child’s play. There was no need to dread the learning curve.

Like many people I’m sad to hear the news. Nowhere near as sad as his loved ones and friends I’m sure. He was a visionary and left his mark in this world. Rest in peace.




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