Pre-publication day nerves

I’m approaching publication day and getting nervous. Some days I’m fine, others not so.

Overall I’m not thinking about it too much. I’ve sort of locked it away in a corner of my mind, lots of people are there to remind me though.

I’m not so bad. When I write my first draft I’m on a roll, I laugh and cry with my characters, they become part of my everyday life. As I go through the edits I go from one extreme to the next. You know, it’s rubbish or I absolutely love this or that.

I’m a perfectionist, left to my own devices I could tinker for ever and ever. I still keep getting ideas and find it very hard to stop.

Then comes the point of no return, you lose control. That’s it, your publisher takes it away, wraps it up nicely and we all hope for the best.

This little baby is out, sort of. No, it’s not for sale just yet but the umbilical cord has been severed. Nothing more I can do. As usual I get a little panicky, then I relax.

I guess what worries me the most is I know it’s been sent out to some precious friends for reviews and blurb purposes and I wonder what they will make of it. People I respect and love.

Maybe being a hermit is not such a bad idea after all.

Big breath, the countdown has begun…

There really is Nowhere Left to Hide!

Repeat the process in a few months. Yep, the next one is already in production.

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9 thoughts on “Pre-publication day nerves

  1. Your publisher can’t be worried if another one is already in production!
    Is that the one based in Paris you mentioned previously?

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