Kindle is on fire

Amazon launches Kindle Fire
Lots of interesting articles abound. Which Kindle should you choose?
This morning I read author Jason Pinter's article in the Huffington Post. One reader left a
comment arguing authors could not signe e-books. To my knowledge this is now possible.
Terrific, but is it the same? You won't get to meet the author that way, that said
book signings are declining.
In the Guardian I read:

He ( Amazon boss)  then took a swipe at Apple, saying there would be no need to synchronise the Kindle Fire to a computer, as people do with their iPads. “That model, that you are responsible for backing up your own content, is a broken model,” he said.


As an author I keep an eye and try to inform myself.
I'm lucky that my publisher is taking care of this process.
Many writers say how easy it is to upload your book on Kindle.
Maybe I shall give it a go one day and do it myself. I'm curious by nature.
However I still prefer reading paper books. I spend enough time writing my own novels
on my laptop, I need a break from screens.
Also I love going into a book shop or a library and taking my time, whatever little
precious time I have.

Things change, we have to keep up. Many years ago I never thought I'd write my novels entirely
on my laptop, now I wouldn't dream to write a first draft on notebooks.
Still, some authors I know still do that.
We all make changes at our own pace.
What about you? Have you switched to Kindle yet or do you prefer paperbacks?

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