Would somebody explain?

the reasons for all this nastiness?

People belittling others, why?

Would somebody explain why women are supposed to have no sins, be better behaved than saints in order to make a complaint?

I’m talking in general. Pity those who have been abused for if they do want justice they will go through another hell, having to defend their own reputations and behaviour.

To all who are quick to judge, have you never lied? People who have never suffered abuse cannot begin to understand.

I do not know the ins and outs of various cases. All I can say is I feel compassion for all victims.

6 thoughts on “Would somebody explain?

  1. Great post full of compassion and understanding. Not many people are willing to look deeper into these matters, or any matters. A quick comment, passing judgment and moving on to the next big news.
    I love how you reflect and are willing to go against other’s people convictions.

  2. Don’t take it too much to heart, you can’t change everybody’s attitude. Be nice if there were more people like you:)

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