Praise VS Naipaul

Let’s all bow down to VS Naipaul.

No, really? Feeling this superior must be divine.

Oh, I’m sorry. I’m a woman. I have feelings. I’m sentimental.

I’m glad we are ‘different’, very glad.

So we should be, and we should embrace, celebrate those differences. Do we want to live in a world made of clones? Do we want to read books all in a similar style?

How can a person be so pompous and so arrogant?

VS Naipaul finds no woman writer his literary match – not even Jane Austen

Nobel laureate says there is no female author whom he considers his equal.”

Literary critic Helen Brown described them as “arrogant, attention-seeking”.He should heed the words of George Eliot – a female writer – whose works have had a far more profound impact on world culture than his.”

Also from the Guardian:

Well, it was fun while it lasted. After 15 years, novelists Paul Theroux and VS Naipaul have finally ended their bookish bust-up, with a little help from Ian McEwan. Friends for three decades, the pair fell out in the mid-90s after the Trinidadian sold off one of Theroux’s books – personally dedicated to Naipaul – for $1,500. Theroux responded with a memoir of their friendship, Sir Vidia’s Shadow, which labelled Naipaul a racist, an egoist and a mercenary.


13 thoughts on “Praise VS Naipaul

  1. Nobel prize winners are seen as role models to aspire to, bring out the very best in our skill sets or humanity in general. This man brings out the best in feminists 😉

  2. Didn’t think you’d be able to resist. We love women’s fiction. There is no denying you have feelings, lol. Nothing wrong with being passionate. We love you for it.

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  4. Feminine toss? Has the guy lost it, or does he just love to provoke? What a tosser!
    Love what you say, love what you write. We want, need passionate people like you in this world, people who are engaged and not afraid to speak up.
    Love the last com by parenting absurdum, wish I had said it myself, completely agree with it.
    Have a great week!

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  6. He seems to be a very troubled person. Diana Athill, in her wonderful memoir Stet: An Editor’s Life, writes a chapter about what it was like working with him, and knowing him. It’s a compassionate but unsparing portrait.

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