Where is home anyway?

A post inspired by:

H- Home is Where the Heart is

I’m British but grew up all over the place, so for a long time nowhere felt like home. I feel quite bohemian.

Since I’ve had my kids, anywhere I am with them is fine by me as long as they’re happy.

I do feel a strong connection with France though and I have a special place in Portugal. I don’t know why but I feel at peace there, plus they adore children.

Also, I speak French fluently and haven’t got tired of confusing the French. When they hear me switching from English to French without accent, they think I am indeed French, hilarious.



11 thoughts on “Where is home anyway?

  1. I really wish that I could have traveled more so far in life. I guess both then and now my total lack of money is the main reason I’ve not gotten to see more of the world.

    • Life has plenty of surprises in store for us, I’ve certainly had my fair share.
      You never know…
      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. Ah, that explains the bohemian reference in one of your older posts.
    I can’t imagine what that feels like but I’m transported when I read you. When you wrote about Corsica I felt I was right there with you, I’ve never been.

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