So much advice

Do this, do that!

Many writers are concerned about their “platform,” sometimes forgetting to take time to write their books it seems, some of them haven’t even written a book to start with.

Nothing wrong with being prepared but when I hear so many saying they haven’t got time to WRITE, the balance seems all wrong. Ah, balance, always a tricky one.

It seems though that there is so much advice about promoting yourself that writers become obsessed with it, questioning their every moves be it about what they’re writing , how they’re writing…

So it’s confusing out there, you’re not sure who to listen to, what do you do?

Write, of course, that is the whole point, isn’t it?

Write, write again and then worry how you’re going to promote yourself. Make contacts, talk to people, sure and don’t forget to listen to your gut instinct. You’re the one writing this book, either you can or you can’t, but nobody can tell you how to write.


15 thoughts on “So much advice

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  3. What most writers fail to realise about promoting themselves is that it’s a “slow burn” thing. They will not be over night sensations (unless they are very lucky). If you are serious about selling your books then you should be doing all the social media stuff to get yourself going. A bit at a time on a regular basis goes a long way and will leave you less to do once you’ve written that masterpiece. But don’t get hung up on it – it’s very easy to suddenly become a dedicated blogger or twitterer rather than a dedicated writer.

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