Losing my head

In response to the following post:

The best writing comes from the head, not the heart

Does it?

It takes a bit of both surely!   for novels at the very least!
I’m quite instinctive. I know what I want to write. I tend to throw a few ideas around and  add to it as I go. Then come hours and hours of endless revisions.
I also live with my characters, crying and laughing with them. A little bit of madness, perhaps…
We all have our own little ways. I tend to agree that there is indeed a lot of misguided comments on Twitter and Co. Do this, do that…

Everybody makes comments about all the ‘rules’. I don’t have any particular rules. I just write and write, until I’m happy with it. To me, it’s not the amount of words you have typed that matters but the content and some people seem to lose track of that.
I’ve always followed my instinct, it seems to have served me well.

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7 thoughts on “Losing my head

  1. It’s good to remember that no matter how good someone else’s “rules” or tips or standards are, they don’t necessarily apply – I often judge my writing production by others’, and I need to remember to let this go!!

  2. Yeah, surely everyone is different, that’s what makes reading interesting or not.
    If all of you writers had the same style and stuck to the same ‘rules’, now that would be pretty boring.
    I love your style and way of thinking. It is clear you use both your head and your heart to write.
    I remember reading the comments about your poems, grown up men saying you made them cry, ok, I’ll only admit it to you, but I cried too.

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