Don’t mess with a mum!

Today was a shocker. You think you’re safe, you do everything you can to protect your family and then something happens…

Two guys broke into our property in broad daylight. They had a ladder and forced part of our fence. I was still lying in bed, cuddling my son when I heard footsteps around the house.

While we called the police, I screamed at them and fortunately for us they fled. They probably thought the house was empty.

As you can imagine, I was very angry but as soon as peace had been restored I was shaking like a leaf. I know we were lucky but I still felt violated.

I have a strong issue with safety, having lived in fear for many years, some of you will know why. The dear one knows this and has always endeavoured to make me feel safe.

I need my haven, the place I can retreat to, away from it all. I need the gates that keep unwanted visitors away. I need to know my children are safe when they play in our garden.

And yes, I know, we can never be completely safe but I’ll give it a damn good try. My children, though very scared, were very proud of their Mummy. I roared like a lion. Don’t mess with a protective mum!

11 thoughts on “Don’t mess with a mum!

  1. How are you holding up brave lady? I had a couple of break-ins a few years ago, but nothing like yours. We weren’t home at the time. We felt violated, like our home was no longer our sanctuary, and we could no longer trust our neighbors. A few weeks later, they came back, assuming I think that we would have replaced everything with insurance money. We hadn’t. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have been home. Well, I guess I can, which is why I’m asking – are you okay?

    • Thank you Mark! Yes, I’m fine, we were quite lucky I suppose. I don’t know what we would have done if they had managed to get in. I was so angry, but afterwards I was shaking. We have reinforced security but well, you know, if they want to get in, they’ll find a way.
      I think they were a couple of opportunists who thought the house was empty.
      I’m sorry to hear about your experience, how dreadful!
      Like you, home is my sanctuary. How awful to have people traipsing round your house… It makes me shudder!
      How about you? Are you back in the US?
      Have a lovely weekend!

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