It’s a sign!

Those little coincidences!

As I’m finishing editing my novel this morning, I found a postcard lying on the floor. I have travelled a fair bit, accumulating in the process postcards and many pictures. I like surrounding myself with these mementoes and  they are plastered on the walls of my study.

The novel I’m writing is based in Santa Barbara, a place I remember fondly. It seemed therefore a good idea to send my main character there for a year. As you might have read, I cry a lot when writing, too much empathy. Mind you, it is a very positive story and I did giggle as well. Yeah, I know, I told you I was mad!

Anyway, as you probably guessed it, the postcard I found was of Santa Barbara’s mission. It’s got to be a sign, right, certainly brought a smile to my face.

Dream of Californication …  with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers


7 thoughts on “It’s a sign!

  1. Congratulations honey!
    So glad to hear about…
    I know it’s all hush hush so…
    Well done!
    So glad to be reading your posts.

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