Forget it!

Yes, forget Twitter, Facebook and the Internet

I do love Twitter by the way,  it’s great to follow other writers and support each other.

Trouble is, it can be far too distracting. There are so many interesting posts to read, it’s never ending!

When you already have a tendency for procrastination, it’s easy to lose track of time and while away hours on the net.

I do fear however for the sanity of new writers, trying to get published. You could spend days on the internet reading how to query, how to write, how not to write, how to submit… blah blah blah

There is of course some very good advice but I get alarmed  to see many getting discouraged and overwhelmed by so much conflicting advice.

Speaking to @LFauthor yesterday, she was thinking of completely rewriting her first novel on the basis of what she had been reading.

Now, I have read a couple of short stories she has written. I did like her style and I’ve encouraged her to follow her heart.

I have no real rules when I write. I just go with the flow. I truly believe that is the only thing that really matters.

So my advice to you, go and write, and write some more. Forget Twitter and the internet for a while. Follow your heart and your guts.

P.S. There will be plenty of time to worry about getting your book out there when You, yes, you! are happy with it.

Good luck!


8 thoughts on “Forget it!

  1. So very true!

    One time, not too long ago, I read a list of ‘Writing Rules’ that had been compiled by various famous authors…they were all different and often contradicted each other! One person’s ‘do’ is another person’s ‘don’t’.

    I say listen with an open mind, if you think its useful, okay, use it. Reading ‘advice’ can help me decide where I stand on the issues: do I agree, or disagree? It can inform me. But I try not to let it define me. Otherwise, my book will never get written!

    Julie Johnson

  2. You are quite right, well said!
    So many writers get lost in a quest to please agents and editors that they forget what is truly important, being yourself and writing what you feel!

  3. Very true, very honest!
    I wish more writers focused on what they write rather than trying to please a market.
    We need more inspired writers who let their hearts speak like you do!

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