Resting, and the rest …

I’ve been resting. Well, that’s the official version ! I was slightly blackmailed into doing so.

I’m not complaining, I know I overdid it and that perhaps I could take more care of myself.

There , I’ ve admitted it, happy now ?!

Some days have been pretty mellow.I read, I watched my kids play, I sat down to have a cup of coffee and spent lots of time chatting, nice catching up with friends.

I even watched , shock horror, television which reminded me why I very rarely  watch tv  in the first place.

We had fun nonetheless.

Then one night, unavoidably, I struggled  to get to sleep and I wrote…for hours.

I’m getting there, some days I forget and the next I pay the price so I’m trying to pace myself, take my meds and blah blah…

Quite a lot to look forward , new changes on the horizon, our lives taking a new turn…

curious to see how it will all pan out come September…but that’s another story !


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