Baby steps, my Apple story

I worship at the Apple temple, yes I absolutely love my Mac book.

Some of my readers might have noted the odd reference to my beloved Mac.

Am I a geek? not really, in fact I’ve never been very interested in anything to do with computers apart from what I can achieve by using them.

What I can say however is that my Mac is the best time-saving device I’ve ever had.

Gone are the days when I’d be drumming my fingers impatiently waiting for my computer to load up.

Gone are the days when I’d be raging against the machine as it crashed yet again!

No more running out of space on my drive either.

I nearly cried when I went to buy mine, so amazed at what this amazing little machine could accomplish.

So many possibilities, such speed, such ease.

The best thing for me being the fact you can switch it on, have several windows open, flick through them at a slide of your fingers and whenever you need to stop what you’re doing, you just the lid down ready to start off  again as soon as you lift the lid back up again.

Open Sesame!

As I am constantly interrupted throughout the day, this to me is so precious, no need to put it on standby, so simple, no time wasted!

That said, the only thing I’m not so impressed with is Safari.I use both Safari and Google chrome but Google is my friend.It always finds the answer to my question wherever Safari often fails.

I still got a lot to learn of course.Ah, if only I could find the time to do it all.

Never mind! Baby steps…one at a time…


8 thoughts on “Baby steps, my Apple story

  1. I lurvvve my mac. Was worth turning 40 to get one. (well almost lol)

    I use safari-I know my sis prefers firefox. And yes I have much to learn to.

  2. Likewise, I’m a newbie in the Apple forest but loving every step of the adventure! Sure I’m not using half of what I could in terms of functionality, but I love the keyboard and the Apple logo that lights up. And that it’s all silver and shining.

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