Regrets ?

Regrets ? me? not really!

After all, what’s in the past should stay firmly in the past! You should live in the present.

Learn from your past, whether good or bad and then move on!

Keep for best

My mother was very much of the “keep for best” generation.When she died, there were cupboards filled to the brim with delicate china, used once or twice, clothes she wore on very rare occasions…you get my drift.

She died when I was still a teenager.She was an “older” mum, quite unusual at the time.

It made me realise you should appreciate your life for what it is now and enjoy what you have.

What is the point of having nice things if you do not use them or even see them ?!

Nothing is really sacred in our house, sure accidents do happen although oddly enough all the treasures accumulated by my mother and my own souvenirs have escaped quite unharmed.

I have kept some of the china my mother never dared to use, only one piece got damaged and that occurred on moving houses!

So when a treasured toy or other gets damaged, broken or redundant, I tell my children to remember how they enjoyed that particular item and many more toys, cuddlies…are yet to be cherished.

Possessions are just that, they don’t always last but your memories live on inside of you.


7 thoughts on “Regrets ?

  1. Great attitude! And if family is not the most valued user of our stuff, then who is? My daughter always played with her “best” dolls and Barbies even though some friends kept theirs in original wrap for “later value.” What’s more valued than enjoying the moment?

  2. i think you are right regrets is not something to hold forever; plus mostly we never question them when we made those decisions in past, those probably the most consciously wise decisions and later life can name them anything, what if never the way to grow up. Just go ahead and own yourself with your fundamentals and produce the best you can and lets not call them regrets that lead to strange kinda negativity why not call them learning milestones? They shoudl look pretty on our memories 🙂

    I like the way how you associate the regrets, with memories and then old precious china set and end up at Edit Piaf 🙂 now i can make the link very visibly 🙂

    I would recommend you movie “La Vie En Rose” its super beautiful flick 🙂 i am sure you will love it.

    By chance i was reading this guy last night on memories. you might wana peek 🙂

    and i left Comments “…This is how we give them immortality #Memories” on “The Devil’s Cord”

  3. I love this post, Elle. I try to remind myself constantly that my life is going on as I speak – I shouldn’t be waiting for the weekend/vacation/tomorrow to enjoy myself as much as I possibly can. Even if I’m cleaning the tub, I can turn on some music and boogie while I do it ;).

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