My writing haven…

Where do you write?

In my dreams I have this vision of myself writing in a peaceful setting, a little summer house perhaps in my secret garden.If the weather was nice, you’d find me amongst the roses.

In real life, I write here, there and everywhere.I’m always on the go or simply running around after the children.

Truth is, I love being surrounded by my children and luckily I am able to look after them, home-educate them and somehow throw a little writing in the balance.

Often friends visit and wonder how I get anything done.I’m sure it looks like chaos to them but I’m used to it and as long as the kids are happy, that’s fine!

A little peace

There are times when I do need a little peace, just to hear myself think and not juggle so many balls in the air.I’m not terribly disciplined most of the time, although when needs must, I can be.I’m also a frustrated perfectionist .

The perfectionist in me clashes regularly with the go-getter me.


I’m always amazed to hear how other writers commit to their writing as if it was a 9 to 5 job.I’m not at all like that and I am a very messy writer.

I write in bouts, often wondering how I’m going to reconcile all these little sparks and make something worthy of it.

I’m forever stopping and starting, a page here, a few words there, several notebooks everywhere, my laptop almost always switched on.

Thank goodness for Apple

I’m a Mac user and Apple convert.A laptop that springs to life, the minute you lift the lid, my dream come true!So whenever my daughter or son clamour for my attention, I put the lid down, ready to start  as you open it again.Ah, technology!

I do have a dedicated place though where I store all my writing tools and bits and pieces but most of the time I just carry it all in my laptop bag together with notebooks.

I told you, I’m a messy writer, what about you?



9 thoughts on “My writing haven…

  1. I am a messy one too! I have notebooks in every room, in my bag and in my car. It has to fit around the children and any work that comes in. I am finding more time for it now as people (read, ‘husband and family’) are starting to take it seriously and are giving me space.
    I dream about a special place to write but in reality I probably wouldn’t go there very often as I like writing on the run!

  2. This is brilliant,I feel like I’m in that garden with you and then all over the place…
    I’m gripped!

  3. I also write all over, but have found that I have been craving a little quiet haven. Or at least something comfortable.

    In the meantime I have by coincidence today in ikea bought a small laptop desk on wheels. If I like it, I may get myself a comfortable sofa type chair and put it in my bedroom with it. I will wait and see.

    I am envisioning a study wall to wall with books, a sofa, a one or two sofa type one seaters. One day I will have that. 🙂

  4. Oh – anywhere and everywhere, usually on small scraps of paper and receipts I find in my purse! I’m very haphazard and have to write when the inspiration hits… though it’s good for me to occasionally force myself to sit in front of the computer for a regularly scheduled time, because if I’ve put writing off, it gets harder to start…

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