Mr Whinger and co

Yep, you know the type, always complaining and it never is their fault! I lived with  a whinger once, it exhausted me and slowly took my spirit away little by little.

If they do get to apologise, it is invariably followed by a “if” or a “but”.Well, what does that mean? ☹

Either you’re sorry or you’re not ! Saying “I’m sorry if I hurt you” or  “I’m sorry but …” doesn’t really say you’re sorry but implies somehow you’re the one to blame or  being difficult.It trivialises the issue.

I tend to be a giver, a carer and a worrier.I’m the shoulder people cry on but sometimes I need to offload too.

When I first met Mr Whinger, I was a bubbly person. ☺

I’ve always been optimistic and he was Mr Pessimistic.After a while, it rubs off on you, you try and resist it but ultimately it wore me down, probably because I was going through a very difficult time and I was rather poorly.Where was my shoulder for me to cry on?

So after all the crises and the loneliness I had to make a choice but hey, life is full of them, isn’t it?!

One thing I also found is that living with a pessimistic ruins your social life, friends wanted to meet up with me but curiously they wer never too keen to visit us at home.

I’m really sorry for Mr Whinger by the way, sorry you thought the whole world was against you and you isolated yourself not letting anyone in.I wished you’d let me in,I had so much love to give and you knew it, only didn’t know how to respond to it.

☆ “It takes a genius to whine appealingly.” F.Scott Fitzgerald quote

7 thoughts on “Mr Whinger and co

  1. why we really want to box just all of our wishes at our convenience? why not let it be fulfilled on its natural time line? Why we make convenience one of our unquestioned god?
    when we learn to walk barefoot over our good/bitter past experiences?
    yes past stay with us, but it must stay in separate compartment rest of the tomorrows must but get stink; how can we can nail down this monster to grow backward to pull us back whenever we dare shine for happiness? or its too much to ask for life? or we are afraid of pushing our-self for new experiences and keep patching the same old past?

  2. Oh my goodness, I think you are reading my mind! I have just cut my ties with a whingy friend, it is SO sapping. ‘Fine if you have troubles, I’ll be there for you, but please don’t whinge for the sake of whingeing. Life is too short and I don’t have enough energy for you’ No, I didn’t actually say that but that was the conclusion I came to! It is like a weight lifted from around my neck, I am at least 5cm taller!
    Great post!

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