How little we know

My daughter thinks I know everything and believes I’m always right.I’m forever explaining to her that in reality no-one knows it all and that learning is a constant process, that in fact we all know very little .

I tell her how we never stop learning and remind her how her “know-it-all” mother struggles with new technical terms and that perseverance is the key.

Yes,I might speak foreign languages, I’m a writer, I’m well-read and well-travelled.Yet, there is so much I do not know, languages I cannot speak.

There are also subjects I have no interest in, ones that even if I can manage to get my head round them do not create this urge in me to find out more and more.

I do not care for finances much being the creative type.I love making and creating, I cannot get enthused about the revenue it creates.

Sometimes I could make my life a little easier and instead of struggling with all the technical stuff , I could have had someone  help me but I take  pride  in learning by myself.It’s not perfect and there’s much more to do but I feel I have accomplished something and pushed myself a little further.

That is the message I try to convey to my children.You can always go the extra length and take pride in what you do.The more you learn , the more you realise how much more there is to know.How exciting it is to be on a perpetual voyage of discovery!


8 thoughts on “How little we know

  1. Great post. I try and encourage my children to learn & discover for themselves as well as learning along with me. I love the excitement my children show at discovering something new and wanting to know more.

    • Absolutely, I find it fascinating to watch them learn and see their takes on the world.
      Thank you for reading me and leaving a comment.

  2. What a nice post, you have such eloquent thoughts they’re lovely to read. Isn’t it lovely that she thinks you do ‘know it all’ though, you should enjoy it as I’m sure that all too soon those times will have passed and our kids with think we don’t know anything !

  3. Oh, just left a comment on your previous post, but wanted to make sure you got it! Just wanted to let you know I’m loving your blog.

    About this post – I try to point out to the kids that I get frustrated too and can’t do everything on the first try – so they know it’s okay for them to have these feelings as well!


  4. Hi Elle – thanks for dropping by to see me, and thanks for asking about updates. I’m not on twitter (I really should be, but I’m scared…) but I do have a top secret double lockdown mailing list for updates – if you’d like to be on it just send me a note to I notice you have email subscription as well, going to sign up right now!


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