Melon? no thanks!

One night as I lay in bed, I remembered an incident from long ago.I was 10 at the time, spending the summer on the island of Corsica.

We’d just finished lunch and were having melon for pudding.As I spooned a morsel in my mouth, we heard this mighty crash.

This blood curling scream followed and then an eerie silence.We all froze on the spot.

This girl I vaguely knew had run into a glass door which shattered on impact.It was very sunny like always, she’d seen her friends inside and in her haste didn’t realise the door was shut.

She was airlifted onto the continent and eventually made a long and painful recovery.

For years, I was unable to eat melon, I associated it with this ghastly accident.Even to this day, I really don’t fancy eating it.


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