A little baker in my kitchen

My 10 year old daughter has found one of her talents recently.After excelling at writing (good genes?), she has now demonstrated a real talent for baking.

We always bake in our family, an enjoyable occupation for my 2 children and I so perhaps it’s not surprising that she wanted to go at it alone.

For the last few months, she, after many safety lectures, has been doing her own thing.

She planned her first time “alone” in the kitchen carefully and surprised us with very elaborate treats.She produced pastries, biscuits and even a cake, all in the same afternoon.

She did all this very calmly and with no apparent bother, although she did tell me afterwards she now understands why I sometimes get frazzled in the the kitchen.

I’m glad she’s picked up such a useful skill, my little boy loves baking too and wants to run a cafe with his big sister, when they’re grown up.Sweet!

It’s also good to see her understanding of what makes a good diet, especially at a time when so many people have weight problems.

After all, if we were all more conscious of what we feed ourselves and understood which nutrients our bodies need to be healthy rather than eating junk food and go on fad diets, there would be a lot less people with weight and health problems.


One thought on “A little baker in my kitchen

  1. What a wonderful gift you’ve given your precious children! Being comfortable in the kitchen (she baked a cake!) is useful, fun and invites group activity as well. Lovely!

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